Monday, April 9, 2012

How Blastocyst formation

I believed all the patients worry about the embryo grading after they done the retrieval. Every time when I call them regarding the embryo status, they always concerned about if it is the "Number ONE"? Actually before the blastocyst stage, nobody knows which embryo's gonna become a blasto, that's why we need to "culture them" then we know which one is the good though. The vedio showed that at the beginning during everytimes embryo cleavage, it produce some fragmaent. But it still become a very good blastocyst, right?

I loved this video a lot, eventhough I have been working in this little tiny world over than 10 years, I still cannot believe the baby comes from just these small cells~ Life is amazing, anything could happen!


  1. Do all fertilized eggs start out with the same potential? Can you see from the start if an egg is not good? Is that video real time? Because thats absolutely incredible!

    I am a patient at Life, and am blogging about my experience, but also posting your blog to some message boards I visit. I hope you get lots of hits and it inspires you to talk more about this. It must be amazing to do this work! I really admire you. And your sock monkey slippers!

    1. According this video if you ask me at the beginning whether this embryos have the potential to develop to the blastocyst stage , I may say " probably not... " because it's looks like a pop corn, everytime's cleavage it produced some fragment.But as we saw the result, it still made to blastocyct.That's why we feel more confidence with blastocyst transfer than anyother stage, because it's hard to predict embryo's future from the start.
      This IVF like a journey, every journey has an end. I wanna be with each of you and give you information that you need till the ending (with my monkey slippers!). :)