Friday, April 13, 2012

How exciting!

The Doctor and I were quite excited about a success story today!

One of a patient who started a natural cycle with us had one mature egg last week.  After the ICSI, it fertilized and when it reached to the 8-cell stage, the PGD test was performed.  It was on a Sunday, and I worked alone in the lab; I biopsied one blastomere and sent it out for a 24 chromosome genetic testing.  I worked very carefully, and put all my hopes on "this" one embryo.

I couldn't wait to see the results due to a single embryo with a 50 and 50 percent chance!  Luckly, it was a healthy embryo AND it continue to reach to a very very good blastocyst stage!

Gorgeous! the embryo looked pretty! and it has already been tested! And as of today, the pregnancy test result was in!

Congradulations!! she got pregnant! how lucky is she and how excited I am for her.  No one knows that more than a hundred procedures had to be done since the moment I "recieved" this egg until the moment of transfering it back into the Mom's womb.   I don't just do one rountine procedure but all the possible procedures I could have done.   I do not allow any missing details or allowed any careless errors to happened  because I know how precious this "one and only" is to her parents.

I have passed this difficult task and I am prepared and looking forward to meet with any challenges I might encounter in the future! I am very proud of Our lab, Our Doctor, and Myself!

Monday, April 9, 2012

How Blastocyst formation

I believed all the patients worry about the embryo grading after they done the retrieval. Every time when I call them regarding the embryo status, they always concerned about if it is the "Number ONE"? Actually before the blastocyst stage, nobody knows which embryo's gonna become a blasto, that's why we need to "culture them" then we know which one is the good though. The vedio showed that at the beginning during everytimes embryo cleavage, it produce some fragmaent. But it still become a very good blastocyst, right?

I loved this video a lot, eventhough I have been working in this little tiny world over than 10 years, I still cannot believe the baby comes from just these small cells~ Life is amazing, anything could happen!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

PGS in the future......

Our fertility center got more and more patients with over than 43 years old. For me, the challenge not handling the embryo from retrieval to D5. It's how to increase implantation rate and decrease miscarriages happen. Although we have great blastocyst formation rate, but it doesn't mean the embryos are successful at becoming blastocysts with normal chromosome. That's the reason even patients are transferred with gorgeous blastocyst, sometimes they still cannot get pregnant or miscarriage happen.

It's a really cool improvement of our lab, and I am so proud of our team work. We are moving to test not only 5 chromosome but ALL the chromsome embryos have. I know it's gonna takes more work for us, but I am looking forward to see more and more elder patients have good result.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Amazing IVM

People they do conventional IVF never care about immature eggs,cuz they have lots of eggs and it's not necessary to culture immature egg. But we do, Natural cycle IVF without any medication occasionally the egg ovulated earlier then we retrival. So the only one "big" "mature" egg gone, and the little one should be raise up, thats what embryo-sitter's responsibility.

This gorgeous blastocyst come from 42 years old patient's GV egg, "GV" means very very very immature egg. Fortunately, after 24 hours culture, the egg become mature and 5 days later it grew up to blastocyst. That's cool!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How cute is it~

Can you believe that? The embryo on Day 2 looked like little pea....


But it being so amazing on Day 5 !

Monday, September 12, 2011

The paitent with frozen egg

I had a wonderful experience with a patient who used frozen eggs and got pregnant, but not on mini IVF cycle. Today we have one patient who is 37 years old with mini IVF treatment. She was sooooo good that she got pregnant! Congratulations!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Creating Miracles in Everyday Life !

Usually clinics reject patient who are over 40 years old and use donor eggs instead. They think women's eggs are genetically abnormal when they are over 40.....even though they still produce eggs.

Our 47-year-old patient broke through the natural laws. She collected 4 eggs in 4 different months on natural cycles and she did genetic testing on the 4 embryos yesterday. Actually it's a miracle the embryos doing so well.  She had one normal chromosome out of 4 and it became a blastocyst!

Ladies, that's why we're asking you to never give up because there is always hope!