Friday, April 13, 2012

How exciting!

The Doctor and I were quite excited about a success story today!

One of a patient who started a natural cycle with us had one mature egg last week.  After the ICSI, it fertilized and when it reached to the 8-cell stage, the PGD test was performed.  It was on a Sunday, and I worked alone in the lab; I biopsied one blastomere and sent it out for a 24 chromosome genetic testing.  I worked very carefully, and put all my hopes on "this" one embryo.

I couldn't wait to see the results due to a single embryo with a 50 and 50 percent chance!  Luckly, it was a healthy embryo AND it continue to reach to a very very good blastocyst stage!

Gorgeous! the embryo looked pretty! and it has already been tested! And as of today, the pregnancy test result was in!

Congradulations!! she got pregnant! how lucky is she and how excited I am for her.  No one knows that more than a hundred procedures had to be done since the moment I "recieved" this egg until the moment of transfering it back into the Mom's womb.   I don't just do one rountine procedure but all the possible procedures I could have done.   I do not allow any missing details or allowed any careless errors to happened  because I know how precious this "one and only" is to her parents.

I have passed this difficult task and I am prepared and looking forward to meet with any challenges I might encounter in the future! I am very proud of Our lab, Our Doctor, and Myself!


  1. Molly, it is amazing the work that you and your staff does at Life IVF. It has been a pleasure to have been treated by the best. My name is Linda and I was there on 6/8. When you showed me my embryo on the screen and told me that it "hatched" I was so happy! And you gave me a lot of hope.

    I hope that you continue to share your story with us. It is great to have a little knowledge of what happens "Behind the scenes", while the want-to-be-mommies all can do is wait.

    Give us more! :)

    Linda Cousins

    1. Hi, Linda

      Did you feel the baby kick you already? I believed that must be soon.
      Thanks you, your encouragement means alot to me, and I am looking forward your good news!


  2. Hi Molly!
    Thank you for replying back. Baby is not kicking but it sure is doing something in there! When you told me it hatched the day you thawed it, I knew that embryo was up to something and fast! From the day of transfer until today I feel the twinges/pinching/stretching/cramping throughout the day. I figured that was a good signed because Dr. Yelian confirmed I am pregnant on 6/18 and confirmed again on 6/20. I will be back on Wednesday 6/27 for ultrasound. So we will see. We have faith that everything will work out great.

    Keep giving us stories and you are welcome to use any of my pictures as well :). Tell us about how long the process takes with the egg and sperm, how often do you check the embryos, the degrees of freezing and process, your learning experience.. Keep it coming! :)

    I also have a blog

    Much much love to you and everyone at LIFE IVF.

    Lind Cousins

  3. Molly,

    I have a funny question. Can you tell the babies gender from just the blastocyst or do you need additional testing?

    Also are you going to Turkey with Dr Yelian?

    Love to you!


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