Sunday, March 18, 2012

PGS in the future......

Our fertility center got more and more patients with over than 43 years old. For me, the challenge not handling the embryo from retrieval to D5. It's how to increase implantation rate and decrease miscarriages happen. Although we have great blastocyst formation rate, but it doesn't mean the embryos are successful at becoming blastocysts with normal chromosome. That's the reason even patients are transferred with gorgeous blastocyst, sometimes they still cannot get pregnant or miscarriage happen.

It's a really cool improvement of our lab, and I am so proud of our team work. We are moving to test not only 5 chromosome but ALL the chromsome embryos have. I know it's gonna takes more work for us, but I am looking forward to see more and more elder patients have good result.


  1. Hi Molly,

    I love your little blog and hope you do more posts soon, because seeing the embryos like that must be amazing!!

    1. I hope I have 42 hours a day, because I want to share all this little tiny world to you. Thank You for encouraging me, I will do more post. Good luck to you, you are amazing too!